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Spanish Phrasebook-PDF for Travelers | Free Download!

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  • Spanish Phrasebook-PDF for Travelers | Free Download!


Are you planning your next vacation and want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? Good call! Here you will easily learn the 62 most relevant phrases that any English-speaking beginner needs to know for their next vacation.

In this post you will find:

  • PDF and MP3 with the phrases in Spanish to download for free and without having to register in this website.
  • Tables with the 62 phrases and the corresponding audio.
  • Interactive flashcards with vocabulary and phrases to practice.
  • A quiz for practicing.
  • A final summary of this content.

You will find the material to download below.

Speaking a little Spanish will allow you to enjoy the travel experience more intensely and to be more self-sufficient in the foreign country.

  • Although in tourist areas many native speakers speak English, locals will appreciate that you speak their language – even if it is only "broken Spanish".
  • Knowing some Spanish basics will allow you to get to know better the locals and the culture in your travel destination.

If you want to do dive deeper in the Spanish language, you have this same content explained exclusively in Spanish, with subtitles in Spanish and English, and free material to practice and to download.

If you want to learn the pronunciation of Spanish from scratch, you have this video with free materials for download. In it you will learn:

  • Your first sentences in Spanish (starting on minute 00:25)
  • The Spanish alphabet (starting on minute 05:16)
  • The word stress of Spanish (starting on minute 08:00)
  • The pronunciation of Spanish (starting on minute 14:40)

This video is the first lesson of the FREE online Spanish mini-course for English speakers. You have a sneak peek, that you can access freely, no need to sign up.

How To Learn Spanish Online & For Free – Sneak Peek
  • You can sign up with two clicks.
  • In five lessons you will learn the basics of the language.
  • You have videos, audios, PDFs, flashcards, and quizzes to practice, and you will obtain the certificate of completion.

I also advise you to watch this free guide with short videos where I teach you phrases in Spanish that will be useful on your vacation, too. You will learn useful Spanish in a matter of minutes!

How To Learn Useful Spanish with Free Quick Videos

In this video (with FREE material that you can download) you will find vocabulary about the city (starting on minute 16:37) and food (starting on minute 21:03) that will be very useful for your trip.

At the end of this post, you will find more free content to learn Spanish.

Who is this Spanish guide for? What Spanish is taught, from Spain or Latin America?

This "Survival Spanish" guide is totally FREE and it will help you…

  • If you do not speak any Spanish at all.
  • If you do speak a little Spanish, but you want to learn helpful phrases to use in your next trip.

I speak Spanish with a Spaniard accent (Madrid), but what you will learn in this guide will also be helpful if you travel to any other Spanish-speaking country.

  • The pronunciation of Spanish in Latin America will be a little different from mine, but the language is the same!

I will explain the differences between Spanish from Spain and Latin America (focusing on the differences that are found in the 62 sentences of this guide) in this post, where I explain all the content more thoroughly.

Free download: PDF and MP3 Spanish phrasebook for travelers

You can download here for FREE and without having to register the PDF and MP3 files of this Spanish phrasebook for English-speaking travelers.

In this link you will find the explanations of the phrases, the tables with the vocabulary and the audio, and two additional quizzes so you can practice for FREE.

At the end of this post you will find a quiz and more free materials to learn Spanish.

Download the Spanish phrasebook-PDF (includes exercises and answers). You can take the travel phrasebook with you, on your smartphone, or as a printed copy, and use it whenever you need during your trip.


Download the "cheat sheet" of this travel phrasebook in PDF format.


Download the additional "cheat sheets" with the words and phrases that you can have on your smarphone and will come in handy when you are abroad.



Download for free the audio with the Spanish phrases for the holidays (Spanish + English).

Travel Spanish Phrases

Travel Spanish Vocabulary

Download for free the audio with the travel phrases (only Spanish).

frases viajar espanol 62 frases

frases viajar espanol vocabulario

Practice the travel vocabulary with interactive flashcards. You can choose your favorite gaming/learning mode. You can download the Quizlet app to practice with your smartphone.

Practice the Spanish travel phrases with the cards.

How do I name the numbers up to 100 in Spanish?

Before going on vacation, you should know the numbers in Spanish. But do not worry, because they are quite simple.

You have all the numbers up to 100 on interactive flashcards. You can choose your learning or gaming mode.

In this post you will find the tables with the numbers and the audios to practice.

In the video, you will learn the numbers starting on minute 04:45:

In this short video you can learn the numbers in Spanish quickly. You have free material to practice here.

How can I greet and be polite in Spanish?

A simple "¡HOLA!" ("hello!") and words like "POR FAVOR" ("please") and "GRACIAS" ("thank you") can open many doors in a foreign country.

Here are the most basic phrases to say hello, to say goodbye and to be polite on your next vacation. You will see how easy it is to break the ice in Spanish!

¿Qué tal?How are you doing?
Bien, gracias.I am doing well, thanks.
Muy bien, gracias.Very well, thank you.
¡Hasta luego!See you later!
Por favor.Please.
No pasa nada.That is OK.
Gracias.Thank you.
De nada.You are welcome.
Spanish basic phrases for English-speaking travelers: how to greet, how to say goodbye and how to be polite

Do you want to learn more greetings in Spanish? You have this short video with free material to practice.

If you want to learn more useful phrases to be friendly in Spanish, you have this video with free material to practice.

If you want to know more basic Spanish phrases, you have the first lesson of the complete online Spanish course for English-speaking beginners. You have free access to the material of the first lesson.

How can I introduce myself in Spanish?

When you arrive at your destination on your next vacation, you will have to inform your name and your place of origin in Spanish. Here are the basic phrases to introduce yourself in Spanish.

¿Tú o usted?Formal or informal?
Yo soy … .I am … ​​.
Yo me llamo … .My name is … .
Mi nombre es … .My name is … .
¿Cómo te llamas?What is your name?
¿Cómo se llama usted?What is your name?
¡Mucho gusto!Nice to meet you!
¡Igualmente!You too!
basic Spanish phrases: introductions for English-speaking travelers

Here are the basic phrases in Spanish to talk about someone’s place of origin and residence.

Yo soy de  … (ciudad, país).I am from… (city, country).
¿De dónde eres?Where are you from?
¿De dónde es usted?Where are you from?
Yo vivo en … (ciudad, país).I live in… (city, country).
¿Dónde vives?Where do you live?
¿Dónde vive usted?Where do you live?
useful Spanish phrases: how to indicate your place of origin and your place of residence

In this post I include several examples of phrases with audio so that you can indicate your country of origin and residence in Spanish.

In this short video, you will learn the basic phrases to introduce yourself in Spanish. You have free material to practice.

How to improve communication and solve misunderstandings in Spanish?

If you speak little Spanish, you should know some phrases to facilitate communication. You will learn them quickly here.

No comprendo.I do not understand.
No entiendo.I do not understand.
¿Qué significa … ?What does … mean?
Más despacio, por favor.Slowly, please.
¿Hablas inglés?Do you speak English?
¿Habla usted inglés?Do you speak English?
Yo no hablo español.I do not speak Spanish.
Yo hablo un poquito de español.I speak a little Spanish.
Spanish phrases to deal with communication difficulties and to indicate the languages you speak: basics for travelers

In this short video you will find useful phrases to avoid misunderstandings in Spanish. You have free material available.

What verbs do I need to know in Spanish for my vacation?

In the 62 travel phrases, you will see that the essential Spanish verbs are used many times. You will use them to place orders, and to indicate your wishes and your needs.

yo (no) tengoI (do not) have
yo (no) necesitoI (do not) need
yo (no) puedoI can (not)
yo (no) quieroI (do not) want
yo (no) queríaI would (not) like
must-know Spanish verbs to indicate your needs and desires: basics for English-speaking travelers

How can I indicate my basic needs in Spanish in my next holiday?

With four phrases of “survival Spanish” you can indicate your urgent needs.

Tengo hambre.I am hungry.
Tengo sueño.I am sleepy.
No tengo dinero.I have no money.
¿Dónde está el baño?Where is the restroom?
how to indicate your needs in Spanish in your next holiday abroad

How can I ask for help and manage emergencies in Spanish during a trip?

Hopefully there are no unforeseen events on your vacation, but you should know some phrases to ask for help in Spanish, to be on the safe side.

Necesito un médico.I need a doctor.
Necesito ir al hospital.I need to go to the hospital.
¡Necesito ayuda!I need help!
¡Ayuda! ¡Socorro!Help! Help!
¡Policía! ¡Me han robado!Police! I was robbed!
asking for help and handling emergencies in Spanish during a trip: phrases for English speakers

In this short video (you have more content and material to practice for free) you will learn how to talk about health in Spanish.

How can I talk about money in Spanish in my next holiday?

It is convenient that you learn some basic phrases in Spanish to exchange currency, to withdraw money, to make purchases in shops and to eat out. Here they are:

¿Dónde puedo cambiar dinero?Where can I exchange money?
¿Aceptan tarjeta de crédito?Do you accept credit card?
¿Aceptan dólares?Do you accept dollars?
¿Dónde hay un cajero automático?Where is there an ATM?
¿Puedo pagar en metálico?Can I pay in cash?
¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?Can I pay with card?
Aquí tiene.Here you go.
Esto es todo.This is all.
(No) Necesito el tique.I  (do not) need the receipt.
how to handle money and to make purchases: helpful Spanish phrases for English-speaking tourists

In this video you will learn basic phrases to do some shopping in Spanish. You have more free resources and materials to use in shops and in the market here.

What Spanish phrases will I use in a hotel in my next vacation?

Here you will learn the basic phrases in Spanish that travelers must know to check in at a hotel.

(No) Tengo una reserva.I (do not) have a reservation.
Necesito una habitación doble para tres noches.I need a double room for three nights.
(No) Quiero desayuno.I (do not) want breakfast.
(No) Quiero un baño privado.I (do not) want a private bathroom.
Spanish travel phrases for English speakers to use in the hotel

You will delve into the vocabulary and useful phrases for accommodation on your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country in video #17 of this series of short videos, which includes material to practice for free.

What Spanish phrases will I use in the restaurant as a traveler?

Eating is – both – a need and a pleasure. With a few sentences you will be able to communicate in the café or in the restaurant in Spanish.

Para comer, yo quería … .To eat, I would like … .
Para beber, yo quería … .To drink, I would like … .
No puedo tomar … .I can’t have … .
Tengo alergia a … .I am allergic to … .
La cuenta, por favor.The check, please.
Spanish phrases for ordering food and drinks in your next holiday

In this short video you will find more useful phrases to order food in the café or in the restaurant in your next vacation. You have more free material to practice.

What Spanish phrases do I need to know to ask for directions and to obtain information for the public transport?

On your trip you will explore new places and you will need to ask for information. Here you will learn basic phrases in Spanish for travelers that will be useful for getting around in a new city.

¿Cuánto cuesta un billete de ida a … ?How much does a one-way ticket to … cost?
Quería un billete de ida y vuelta a … .I would like a round-trip ticket to … .
¿Dónde hay una parada de bus?Where is there a bus stop?
¿Dónde está la estación?Where is the station?
¿Me puede llevar al aeropuerto?Can you take me to the airport?
¿Cómo puedo ir al centro?How can I go to the city center?
¿Este bus va al aeropuerto?Does this bus go to the airport?
¿Qué tren va al centro?Which train goes to the city center?
Spanish travel phrases to ask for directios and information about tra public transport for English-speaking tourists

You have more useful phrases to communicate in the city and in transport in this short video, with more free material to expand your vocabulary.

You will learn tourist phrases and more very useful vocabulary to plan your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country in the comment of video #19 of this very practical series of short videos in Spanish with material to practice for free.

Finally, a short video about the holidays.

A quiz to help you practice these helpful Spanish travel phrases

In short: Spanish phrases you cannot travel without

Congratulations, you have learned the most relevant Spanish phrases to manage usual communication on a trip!

You will now see the most important phrases, without translation, so that you remember their meaning. This is the summary of all this content.

Phrases in Spanish for travelers to greet and to be polite.

¿Qué tal?
Bien, gracias.
Muy bien, gracias.
¡Hasta luego!
¿Tú o usted? Yo me llamo … . ¿Cómo te llamas? ¡Mucho gusto!

Phrases in Spanish to introduce yourself.

Yo me llamo … .

¿Cómo te llamas?

¡Mucho gusto!

Phrases in Spanish to indicate your place of origin.

Yo soy de  … (ciudad, país).
¿De dónde eres?
Yo vivo en … (ciudad, país).
¿Dónde vives?

Phrases in Spanish to avoid misunderstandings during your vacation.

No entiendo.
¿Qué significa … ?
Más despacio, por favor.
¿Hablas inglés?
Yo no hablo español.

Phrases in Spanish to indicate basic needs in Spanish for tourists.

Tengo hambre.
Tengo sueño.
No tengo dinero.
¿Dónde está el baño?

Phrases in Spanish to ask for help during an emergency on a trip.

Necesito un médico.

¡Necesito ayuda!

¡Policía! ¡Me han robado!

Phrases in Spanish to talk about money and make purchases on your vacation.

¿Dónde puedo cambiar dinero?
¿Aceptan tarjeta de crédito?
¿Aceptan dólares?
Aquí tiene.
Esto es todo.
(No) Necesito el tique.

Phrases in Spanish travelers must know to use at the hotel.

(No) Tengo una reserva.
Necesito una habitación doble para tres noches.
(No) Quiero desayuno.

Phrases in Spanish to order food in the restaurant on vacation.

Para comer, yo quería … .
Para beber, yo quería … .
La cuenta, por favor.

Phrases for travelers in Spanish to ask for directions and to use in the transport.

¿Cuánto cuesta un billete de ida a … ?
Quería un billete de ida y vuelta a … .
¿Dónde está la estación?
¿Me puede llevar al aeropuerto?
¿Cómo puedo ir al centro?
¿Este bus va al aeropuerto?

How to keep on learning Spanish online & for free: videos and downloadable material for English-speaking beginners

You have a FREE ONLINE mini-course for English speakers to learn the basics of communication in Spanish, starting from scratch. You have 5 lessons with video, PDF, MP3, flashcards, and quiz, and you will obtain the completion certificate.

Online Mini-Course: Spanish for English Speakers (A1 – Beginners)

You have a sneak peek of the mini-course that you can access without having to enroll. You will also find in the link FREE tips and resources to learn Spanish.

How To Learn Spanish Online & For Free – Sneak Peek

You have a complete Spanish self-study online course (level A1 – beginners) with webinars and certificate of completion. Each of the 42 lessons has a video class, PDF (theory, exercises, answers), MP3, quiz, and flashcards. There is a free trial lesson available.

Sign up for the FREE Spanish newsletter for English-speaking beginners!

To continue learning Spanish, you have free guides for English speakers (video, audio, and PDF) about.

Your first contact with the Spanish language.

How To Speak Spanish: Guide For Beginners With Video and PDF

A series of 1-minute videos to learn the most basic Spanish with transcriptions, audios, and quizzes.

How To Learn Useful Spanish with Free Quick Videos

The most common greetings, farewells and politeness phrases in Spanish.

The 81 TOP questions and answers in Spanish.

Questions and Answers in Spanish | Download Free PDF and MP3

The most thorough guide on greetings and goodbyes in Spanish.

Downloadable PDF + MP3 | 89+ Spanish Conversation Starters

Vocabulary: the most relevant verbs in Spanish for English speakers.

Free Video Guide: Spanish Verbs for English Speakers

Vocabulary: the most relevant nouns in Spanish for English speakers.

Basic Noun Vocabulary in Spanish with Free Video, PDF & MP3!

In this playlist, you will find videos to learn Spanish with explanations in Spanish (with Spanish & English subtitles):

You have a list of videos (with explanations in English) to learn Spanish basics:

In this list you will find short videos to learn Spanish in the blink of an eye:

Videos for English speakers who want to learn the essential vocabulary of the Spanish language:

You have FREE videos to learn Spanish with downloadable material for English speaking-beginners on the blog – no registration needed.

Useful Spanish videos on the YouTube channel – Subscribe!

Learn conversational Spanish on Facebook!

Learn the basics of Spanish on Pinterest!

About the author: Hi there! I am Alicia Montero Schiemann, your Spanish teacher. I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, in a trilingual family, as my mother is German and my father is Spaniard. I have always been passionate about languages and have turned that enthusiasm into my profession. I carried out my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Madrid and in Berlin. I graduated in Humanities, with a Master’s degree in Didactics. I taught languages between 2010 and 2018 at the Popular University of Berlin and since then I have worked exclusively with online teaching.

Images obtained via Canva®.

©2022 Alicia Montero Schiemann

All rights reserved.

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