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Online Mini-Course: Spanish for English Speakers (A1 – Beginners)

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  • Online Mini-Course: Spanish for English Speakers (A1 – Beginners)
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Online Mini-Course: Spanish for English Speakers (A1 – Beginners)

About The Course


Learn Spanish Online, For Free, No Strings Attached!

Basic Information: Online Spanish Course for English Speakers

How To Sign Up for the Free Self-Study Spanish Course

Fully flexible course: learn whenever and wherever you want!

In 5 lessons you will acquire Spanish communication skills, with videos, PDF, MP3, quiz, and interactive flashcards.

You will obtain the course completion certificate, free of charge.

You will get a great DISCOUNT to purchase the comprehensive Spanish course for English-speaking beginners (A1), if you want to keep on learning with the same autodidact methodology, plus webinars where you can ask your questions in real time.

But the mini-course is completely FREE, no strings attached. If you do not want to take the comprehensive course (which is not free), you are not obliged to!

You can watch the first video lesson of the course for English-speaking beginners here if you like.
The materials are available here, for free, no need to subscribe.
To access the other lessons, to download course materials, to take quizzes and to get your certificate, you need to sign up for the course (button “PURCHASE COURSE – 0€”).
On the free Spanish blog, you have two previews of the course, that you can access without registration. In the links, you also have FREE tips and resources to learn Spanish from scratch.
How To Speak Spanish: Guide For Beginners With Video and PDF
How To Learn Spanish Online & For Free – Sneak Peek

I am Alicia, your Spanish teacher. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I was raised trilingual, since my mother is German and my father, Spaniard. I did my undergraduate and Ph.D. studies in Madrid and Berlin. After completing my Masters in Didactics in 2010, I applied my knowledge to foreign language teaching. I worked in Berlin with face-to-face classes until 2018. Since then, I have specialized in online teaching and the creation of digital learning content.
You can learn about my teaching style on the blog, on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on the YouTube channel. Subscribe to learn for free!

The digital self-study Spanish mini-course for English speakers includes:

  • One video class per lesson (approx. 12 minutes).
  • PDF with theory, examples, exercises, answers, and summary.
  • Audios in MP3 format.
  • Quiz to check your knowledge.
  • Interactive flashcards to practice vocabulary and phrases.
  • FREE Certificate of completion.
You will learn the basics to start communicating right away in Spanish!

You do get a discount coupon to purchase a comprehensive A1-course with webinars to keep on learning with the same system. But the mini-course is FREE and you have NO obligations or commitments.

Invest in yourself. Learning a foreign language will allow you to meet new people, achieve professional goals, travel the world!

More info about self-study mini-courses available here.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

You can also check the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the FAQ.

You have FREE videos to learn Spanish with downloadable material for English speaking-beginners on the blog – no registration needed.
The material presented is the result of over twelve years of exclusive dedication to language teaching and is protected by copyright.
Images obtained via Canva®.
©2021 Alicia Montero Schiemann
All rights reserved.
Discens Language Learning®
The Course Curriculam

Online Spanish Course for English Speakers

  • Lección 1. Saludos y pronunciación.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 2. Números, tiempo y lugar.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 3: ¿Hablas español?
  • Quiz
  • Lección 4. Yo soy de México.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 5. ¡Yo quiero viajar!
  • Quiz
  • Lección final: test final.


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