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Discens Learning is your go-to platform to learn to communicate Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. We believe that language learning is for everyone—Whether you’re a student, professional, homemaker, business owner, entrepreneur, or a freelancer. This is the reason we embrace language learners of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds and warmly welcome to the family of Discens Learning.
We help you understand the structure of the language you are learning rather than merely training you on grammar rules and vocabulary lists. We will assist you and will put you in contact with the language you wish to learn so you can communicate in an effective way.If you are interested in exploring new cultures and their languages, you are in the right place.

Meet Your Teacher

Alicia Montero Schiemann

Alicia is a polyglot who loves to explore new cultures and languages. She was born in São Paulo in a trilingual family (Spanish-Portuguese-German) and completed her primary education at the Miguel de Cervantes Spanish School. She joined the first four courses of the Humanities Degree in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, and had an opportunity to complete the last one at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She later joined Master’s studies in “Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language” at the University of Alcalá. Alicia was settled in Berlin in 2010 and worked as a teacher of Spanish and Portuguese at the Popular University. In 2018, she was determined to train thousands of students across the globe online so that they excel in their personal and professional realms.

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