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Our mother tongues are Spanish and/or Brazilian Portuguese. We have met after we had completed our university studies in humanities at Spanish universities.

We hold the degree of Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (i.e., “Máster en Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera de la Universidad de Alcalá”), which qualifies us pedagogically as trainers in this language. In addition, we have obtained numerous other certificates for teaching Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. We have lived in Brazil, Germany and Spain. We speak fluently English and German and we can communicate in French and Italian also. For many years, we have been teaching Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese to individuals and groups of students in Germany and Spain, and via Skype® in one-to-one private lessons to many other students from various countries.

We are certified examiners of DELE and TELC candidates.

We are committed to continuous learning. Therefore, we continue participating in seminars and workshops to keep up with the latest didactic approaches and the newest digital technologies that can be applied to language teaching.

We love communication and languages and we want to share our passion with you. We believe that language and culture are deeply related and that getting to know both is a mind-opening experience.

Our purpose is to help you understanding how the language you are learning is structured; we are convinced that becoming proficient in a language is much more than merely studying grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary lists.

We will assist you and will put you in contact with the language you wish to learn so you can assimilate it in a natural, effective way.

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