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Learn Portuguese online! FREE Content for Beginners

Intro: How to learn Brazilian Portuguese from the very start

Do you want to learn Portuguese, a language spoken by over 250 million people in the world?

Free Online Brazilian Portuguese Self-Study Mini-Course for Beginners

FREE mini-course

Self-Study Online Course: Brazilian Portuguese for English Speakers (A1)

A1-course lesson plan

You will be able to learn – online and for free – the basics of communication in Brazilian Portuguese with the materials for English-speaking beginners that you will find here:

FREE Portuguese Blog for English-speaking beginners

Sign up for the FREE Portuguese newsletter for English-speaking beginners!

Brazilian Portuguese courses for English-speaking beginners with certificate – learn online and for FREE

If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese in a systematic, pleasant, and comfortable way, we also offer two ONLINE SELF-STUDY COURSES.

With these online Portuguese courses for beginners, you can learn at your own pace, no prior knowledge required. This is the most flexible and productive way to learn a foreign language.

  • When you sign up for the course, you can start studying immediately, if you want. You do not have a deadline to finish your course.
  • You do not need to follow a class schedule. You can take your Portuguese lessons whenever you want. You can learn anytime, anywhere!

FREE mini-course

👨‍🎓How to sign up for the FREE Brazilian Portugues mini-course

⭐How to enroll:

✔Go to the COURSE.

✔Create your free account in ⭐⭐⭐CREATE ACCOUNT⭐⭐⭐ to access the platform.

✔Then, go back to the course link. Just click on "PURCHASE COURSE – 0€". You do not need to pay anything, and you do not need to inform bank details.

✔You only need to inform your name and e-mail to participate.

✔ You can start immediately, if you want, and you don’t have a deadline to take your lessons.

🏆The Brazilian Portuguese course requires no prior knowledge, is 100% free and the certificate is included

The lessons of the free online Portuguese course for English-speaking beginners include:

  • the video class
  • PDF with theory, examples, and summary to download/to print
  • PDF with exercises and answers to download/to print
  • downloadable MP3 audio files
  • interactive vocabulary flashcards to practice on the go
  • a quiz to self-assess your knowledge

You will receive the certificate of completion of the mini-course.

When you finish the FREE MINI-COURSE, you will have a 25% discount to buy the full course!⬇

Here is the video of the first lesson of the free online Portuguese course.

In this class you will learn your first words and phrases, the alphabet, the word stress, and the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation.

Do you see, how much you can learn in a few minutes? And you will learn even more with additional materials that you can download when you enroll in the course.

You can take the mini-course for free, no strings attached, to get to know my teaching methodology. If you like this type of material and this learning system, you can continue studying Portuguese with the comprehensive course for beginners (level A1).

COMPREHENSIVE ONLINE BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE COURSE (level A1, with explanations in English): in 42 lessons you will learn everything you need to communicate in a simple but effective way, in everyday situations.

You also have webinars to ask your questions to the teacher in real time.

  • If you cannot participate in the live webinars, the recordings are available on the course platform.

You will receive the course completion certificate.

A1-course lesson plan

You do not need to speak any Portuguese to take the courses. However, if you complete the mini-course before taking the full course, the learning process will be easier.

  • And after finishing the mini-course you will get a great discounton the purchase of the comprehensive course!

These self-study online courses can also help you if you want to brush up on your Portuguese skills and improve them if you have already speak some Portuguese.

The Brazilian Portuguese courses and digital materials that I create and that are aimed at the English-speaking public will be helpful for anyone who speaks the language fluently, no need to be a native English speaker for that matter.The Brazilian Portuguese courses and digital materials that I create and that are aimed at the English-speaking public will be helpful for anyone who speaks the language fluently, no need to be a native English speaker for that matter.

To sum up:

Free Online Brazilian Portuguese Self-Study Mini-Course for Beginners

FREE course

Self-Study Online Course: Brazilian Portuguese for English Speakers (A1)

comprehensive course

YouTube playlists for English speakers to learn Portuguese from scratch

On YouTube (🔔subscribe to the channel!)

you will find playlists to learn 🇧🇷 basic Portuguese 🇺🇸 for English speakers.

  • Each video has a blog post, where you will find in-depth explanation. You have more free material in the links of the video description (on YouTube, below the video).

Videos to learn the most essential Portuguese phrases (🇺🇸 in English).

Videos to learn the most fundamental vocabulary of Portuguese (🇺🇸 in English).

Videos to learn useful Portuguese phrases in a minute (in 🇧🇷 Portuguese / 🇺🇸 English).

You also have videos in Portuguese with subtitles (in 🇧🇷 Portuguese and 🇺🇸 English). With them you can do language immersion online, for free, anytime, anywhere.

Videos to learn the most essential Portuguese phrases.

Videos to learn the most fundamental vocabulary of the Portuguese language.

Brazilian Portuguese blog for English-speaking beginners

On the blog you will find free, useful Brazilian Portuguese didactic material for English speakers:

  • videos with subtitles
  • vocabulary lists and phrases with audio
  • MP3 audio files to download
  • PDF with theory and exercises to download
  • “cheat sheets” to download
  • interactive flashcards to learn and play
  • quizzes to practice

All these Portuguese learning resources are free and you do not need to sign up to access and download the digital materials!

Portuguese Blog for beginners: Highlights

First contact with Brazilian Portuguese. Free content to download and relevant information, so you can start learning right from the start – and to have fun exploring Portuguese, in the most communicative way.

How to learn Brazilian Portuguese online and for free. Free downloadable content, resources to boost your Portuguese skills and extremely practical tips to accelerate, inspire and motivate your learning process.

Lean Portuguese in 1 minute! Short videos with the must-know phrases in Portuguese for English-speaking beginners with concise, no-nonsense explanations about important aspects of the language, audios, and quizzes to practice all these Portuguese basics for free. You will discover the new language in a fast-paced way, efficiently and pleasantly.

The pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese for English-speaking beginners. Many examples with audio and practical tips. The definite guide for pronouncing like a true Brazilian!

Your first 93 words and phrases in Portuguese. Find out in this helpful guide which are the Portuguese expressions that are most googled by foreigners and how to pronounce them adequately.

Portuguese phrasebook for English-speaking travelers. You do not need to speak any Portuguese to learn the 62 most relevant phrases for the next vacation in a Portuguese-speaking country. This Portuguese guide for tourists Includes free PDF and MP3 to download, so you can take this “Survival Portuguese” bundle anywhere your wanderlust takes you!

Portuguese greetings and polite phrases in a nutshell. Even if you do not speak a single word of the foreign language, with this compact guide to learn your first words and phrases of Portuguese. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to start communicating in Portuguese in a simple, effective, and friendly way. The content (available for free) corresponds to the first lesson of the comprehensive Brazilian Portuguese course for English-speaking beginners with webinars and certificate.

The most comprehensive guide to greetings, goodbyes and phrases to ask and answer “how are you?” in Portuguese. You can start chatting with the natives in Portuguese with much more confidence if you master these everyday phrases! Includes colloquial and slang expressions.

The questions and answers of Portuguese you simply cannot live without. The most useful phrases of everyday life in simple and practical Portuguese, so you can use these basic phrases naturally when talking to natives. You will learn how to meet people, to order in the café and to go shopping, to ask for directions… With free downloadable material.

The definite Portuguese phrase guide to start talking to natives and to keep the conversation going. Even if you speak little Portuguese, you can break the ice and start communicating in this new language if you are familiar the extremely useful phrases in this free guide.

Vocabulary: the first 46 words in Portuguese for English speakers. Articles, nouns, expressions of time and place: you will find it very easy to learn this Portuguese core vocabulary, with free material and quiz to practice.

Vocabulary: the verbs that every beginner must know. You will improve your Portuguese vocabulary skills with this guide that includes free downloadable material and a quiz for English-speaking beginners!

Vocabulary: the most relevant nouns for day-to-day communication in Portuguese. Learn with downloadable material and a quiz the nouns you need to talk about family, food, city, housing and many more topics in this free guide for English-speaking beginners.

You have all this learning content also entirely in Portuguese – videos in Portuguese with Portuguese/English subtitles + in-depth explanations in Portuguese on the blog. In each blog post in English you will find the link to access the didactic content in Portuguese.

You also have social media entirely in Portuguese:

Thank you for your interest and have fun learning Brazilian Portuguese!

About the author – your Portuguese teacher

Hi there! I am Alicia Montero Schiemann, your Brazilian Portuguese teacher. I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, in a trilingual family, as my mother is German and my father is Spaniard. I have always been passionate about languages and have turned that enthusiasm into my profession. I carried out my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Madrid and in Berlin. I graduated in Humanities, with a Master’s degree in Didactics. I taught languages between 2010 and 2018 at the Popular University of Berlin and since then I have worked exclusively with online teaching.

Images obtained via Canva®.

©2022 Alicia Montero Schiemann

All rights reserved.

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