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Questions and Answers in Portuguese | Download Free PDF and MP3


When we have a conversation, it is inevitable to ask questions and answer the questions we are asked, right?

What you may not know is that you do not need to speak much Portuguese to be able to communicate effectively!

With this in mind, in this guide I will teach you the 81 most relevant questions and answers of the Portuguese language for English-speaking beginners.

They are questions and answers that we use constantly, that you will surely use every day in your own mother tongue.

These are phrases that you should consider a priority in your Portuguese study if you are a beginner. You will use them very often in daily life and on your holidays

You have the same content explained in Portuguese. You can watch the video in Portuguese with subtitles in Portuguese or English for language immersion.

Who is this basic Portuguese guide for?

This guide will be especially useful if you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of the Portuguese language.

However, if you already have some knowledge of Portuguese, you can also take advantage of this guide to brush up on your Portuguese skills. You will surely learn new things, too.

Do I need to have previous knowledge of Portuguese to learn with this guide for English speakers?

If you already speak a little Portuguese, you can continue learning with this guide.

If, on the other hand, you do not speak any Portuguese, you can also learn the phrases of this guide for English speakers.

  • In that case, you should at least be familiar with the sounds of Portuguese. That will make it easier to learn these 81 questions and answers.
You can learn the fundamental principles of Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation  in this guide, which includes free material to download and practice.

You also have a FREE Portuguese mini-course for English-speaking beginners. With the course, you will start speaking Portuguese from scratch.

  • You sign up with two clicks and you have no deadline to take the lessons.
  • The course includes video classes, varied materials, and certificate.

Free course preview  (sneak peek), with many free learning tips, available here, no registration needed.

Al the end of this blog post you will find more FREE content for English-speaking beginners who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese from scratch, no registration required.

What you will learn in this guide about Portuguese language basics?

In this guide you will learn extremely useful and practical resources so that you can start communicating in Portuguese – even if you have little previous knowledge of the language.

You will also find the main interrogatives of the Portuguese language.

The questions and answers in this free guide will help you:
  • To talk to strangers, to introduce yourself and to offer basic information about yourself.
  • To ask for help and to offer help.
  • To communicate in shops and restaurants.
  • To ask for information and to ask for directions in a new city.
  • To indicate your likes and preferences.
  • To express your opinion.
  • To make proposals and invitations.
As an extra, you will learn several expressions to say in Portuguese “I’m joking” and “you’re crazy”.
  • This repertoire includes colloquial expressions so that you can speak Portuguese with the ease of an authentic Brazilian.
At the end you will find more free content to continue learning Portuguese online, with full flexibility, no need to sign up.

The material in this Portuguese guide for English-speaking beginners

📝The PDF, which includes theory, summary, exercises, and answers.
Audio in Portuguese with all phrases
Audio in Portuguese (+ translation in English) with all phrases
Audio with the verbs of this guide in infinitive in Portuguese
Audio with the verbs of this guide in infinitive in Portuguese and in English verbos-portugues-ingles
Audio with conjugated verbs in Portuguese
Audio with the informal expressions in Spanish to say “I’m kidding” and “you’re crazy”
▶The meaning of the asterisks in this Portuguese guide (click to read the content)

⚠Attention: the questions that are marked with an asterisk (*) are used in Brazilian Portuguese in informal situations. They are not slang, nor contain curse words, but they are not suitable for situations that require a certain formality, such as the work environment.

⚠Attention: many of the Spanish phrases in this guide have two possibilities, depending on the formality of the situation in which we communicate.

  • For this reason, you will see the slash (/) indicating these alternatives: first the phrase if we use “VOCÊ” (informal in Brazil) as form of address and then the same phrase, but using “O SENHOR / A SENHORA” (formal) as form of address.
  • Some phrases only appear with “VOCÊ” because they will normally only be used to talk to someone with whom we already have a personal relationship and, therefore, we address this person with “VOCÊ”.

🤩However, the conjugation of the verbs is identical (3rd person singular) whether we use “VOCÊ” or “O SENHOR / A SENHORA” to address the person In Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Therefore, if we omit the form of address and leave only the conjugated verb, the sentence is suitable for any communicative situation – formal or informal, it does not matter.
  • This aspect of Brazilian Portuguese grammar greatly simplifies the communication for all speakers, both natives and foreigners.

The main interrogatives in Portuguese: vocabulary for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the most basic interrogatives and basic questions in Portuguese on minute 02:28 of the video.

O que? Quê?What?
De onde?From where?
Aonde? Para onde?Where to?
Quanto? ($)How much? ($)
Quanto? Quanta? Quantos? Quantas?How many? – How much?
Quanto tempo?How long?
Por que …? Por quê? Porque … .Why? Because…
Qual? Quais?Which?
O que é isso?What is this?
Que horas são?What time is it?
Que dia é hoje?What day is today?
You will learn how to indicate date and how to tell time in Portuguese in these short videos for English speakers. The videos are part of a beginner’s guide to Portuguese with helpful explanations and free material to practice and download for free.

How to introduce yourself and how to talk to strangers in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the questions to meet new people in Portuguese on minute 12:37 of the video.
Perdão. Desculpa. / Desculpe.Sorry. Excuse me.
Eu te conheço de algum lugar?Do we know each other? Do I know you from somewhere?
 Como você se chama? / Como o senhor / a senhora se chama?What is your name?
Eu me chamo … . Muito prazer!My name is … . Nice to meet you!
O que você faz da vida? / O que o senhor / a senhora faz profissionalmente?What do you do for a living?
Eu sou … .I am … ​​.
Você já esteve no Brasil? / O senhor / a senhora já esteve no Brasil?Have you ever been to Brazil?
Sim, eu estive em … . / Não, ainda não.Yes, I was in…. / No, I have not been yet.
Você é daqui? / O senhor / a senhora é daqui?Are you from here?
Sim. Não, eu sou de … .Yes. No, I am from … .
Você é novo por aqui? Você é nova por aqui? / O senhor é novo por aqui? A senhora é nova por aqui?Are you new here?
Você vem sempre aqui? / O senhor / a senhora vem sempre aqui?Do you come here often?
Você fala inglês? / O senhor / a senhora fala inglês?Do you speak English?
Por que você estuda português? / Por que o senhor / a senhora estuda português?Why do you learn Portuguese?
Eu estudo português porque … .I learn Portuguese because … .

You can learn  how to introduce yourself (minute 06:34)  and how to indicate your place of origin (minute 13:26) in  Portuguese in this video for English-speaking beginners. In the video you will learn the 62 most useful phrases for your next trip to a Portuguese-speaking country (you have PDF, audio and more material to practice for free).

How to solve problems and how to ask for help in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the questions to solve problems and ask for help / offer help in Portuguese on minute of  26:26 the video.
Como você está se sentindo? / Como o senhor / a senhora está se sentindo?How are you feeling?
Está tudo certo?Is everything alright?
Tem alguma coisa errada?Is there something wrong?
Qual é o problema?What is the problem?
Eu posso fazer uma pergunta? Posso perguntar uma coisinha?Can I ask a question? Can I ask something?
Pode me dar uma mãozinha?Can you give me a helping hand?
Precisa de ajuda?Do you need help?
Posso ajudar?Can I help?

In this short video you will learn useful phrases to facilitate communication in Portuguese as a beginner. It is part of a series of videos for English speakers with free material to practice.

You will learn how  to ask for information in Portuguese with  this short video, which is part of a series of videos in Portuguese with practical explanations so that you communicate much better on a day-to-day basis and on trips.

How to shop and how to order food in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the basic questions to communicate in shops, café and restaurant in Portuguese on minute 31:37 of the video.
Você quer…? / O senhor / a senhora quer …?Do you want …?
Você queria …? / O senhor /a senhora queria …?Would you like …?
Você gostaria de …? / O senhor / a senhora gostaria de …?Would you like …?
Sim, por favor. Não, obrigado/a.Yes, please. No, thank you.
Sim, estou procurando … . / Sim, preciso de … .Yes, I am looking for… . / Yes, I need … .
Não, obrigado/a, só estou dando uma olhadinha.No, thank you, I am just browsing.
Pode me ajudar?Can you help me?
Você tem …? / O senhor / a senhora tem …?Do you have…?
Posso…?May I…?
Pode me dar…?Can you give me …? Can I have … ?
Você se importaria…? / O senhor / a senhora se importaria…?Would you mind …?
Você pode …? / O senhor / a senhora pode…?Can you …?
Sim, eu posso.  Não, não posso.Yes, I can. No, I cannot.
Você sabe …? O senhor / a senhora sabe …?Do you know…?
Sim, eu sei. Não, não sei.Yes, I know. No, I don’t know.
Você conhece …? / O senhor / a senhora conhece …?Do you know…?
 Sim, eu conheço. Não, não conheço.Yes, I know. No, I don’t know.
Quanto custa?How much does it cost?
Mais alguma coisa?Do you want anything else?
Posso pagar (com cartão/em dinheiro)?Can I pay (by card / cash)?
Eu queria pagar.I’d like to pay.

You will learn useful phrases for shopping and for ordering at the café or restaurant in  Portuguese in these short videos with useful phrases. They are part of a free communication guide for  English-speaking beginners with practical explanations and extra material. 12-14 16

How to find your way around the city in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the essential questions to ask for information on the street in Portuguese on the minute 44:15 of the video.
Tem um/uma … por aqui?Is there a … around here?
Onde fica o/a …?Where is …?
Como vou para …?How do I get to …?
Pode me levar para …?Can you take me to …?

You will learn how to talk about city and transport in these two Portuguese videos for English speakers, which are part of a free communication guide for beginners with videos, audios, quizzes and flashcards.

How to express your likes, preferences, and opinions in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn to indicate what things you like and what you think about a topic in Portuguese on minute 47:32 of the video.
Você gosta de …? / O senhor / a senhora gosta de …?Do you like?
Sim, eu gosto. Não, não gosto.Yes, I like. No, I do not like.
Do que você gosta mais, … ou …? / Do que o senhor / a senhora gosta mais, … ou …?What do you like better, … or …?
Eu gosto mais de … .I like … better.
O que você prefere? / O que o senhor / a senhora prefere?What do you prefer?
Eu prefiro … .I prefer … .
Qual é a sua opinião?What do you think?
Eu penso que … .I think that … .
O que você acha? / O que o senhor / a senhora acha?What do you think?
Acho que … .I think that … .

You can learn to talk about the activities you like to do in Portuguese in this short video for English-speaking beginners. In the explanations (available for free, with material to practice) you will better understand how to indicate your likes and preferences in Portuguese.

How to make invitations and proposals in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn to invite someone in Portuguese on minute 52:10 of the video.
Podemos conversar?Can we talk?
Você tem tempo para …?Do you have time for …?
Quer beber alguma coisa?Do you want to have a drink?
Vamos fazer alguma coisa?Shall we do something together?
Você vem comigo? / O senhor / a senhora vem comigo?Will you come with me?
Você me acompanha? / O senhor / a senhora me acompanha?Will you join me? Will you come along?
Você topa?Are you in?
Posso te convidar para sair?Do you want to go out with me?
Posso te convidar para almoçar/jantar fora?Can I buy you lunch/dinner?

You will learn useful phrases  to make invitations and to meet your friends in Portuguese in this video for English-speaking beginners, which has more explanations and free material to practice.

How to say “I am joking” and “you are crazy” in Portuguese: phrases for English-speaking beginners

You will learn informal phrases to indicate that you are kidding and that you think someone is crazy in Portuguese on minute 55:57 of the video.
Estou brincando!I’m just kidding.
Estou de brincadeira!I’m just kidding.
*Estou zoando!  Estou de zoeira!I’m just kidding.
*Estou te tirando!I’m just kidding.
*Estou tirando onda com a sua cara!I’m just kidding.
*O que é que é isso?What the hell?
Essa ideia é louca.This is a crazy idea.
Você me deixa louco/a.You drive me crazy.
Que loucura!That’s crazy!
Que doideira!That’s crazy!
Que maluquice!That’s crazy!
Você é maluco/a.You are crazy.
Você é doido/a.You are crazy.
*Você está pirado/a.You are crazy.
*Você está viajando.You are crazy.
*Você está tantã.You are crazy.
*Você está biruta.You are crazy.
*Você pirou!You are crazy.
Você endoideceu!You went crazy.
*Você despirocou!You went crazy.
*Você está com um parafuso solto.You went crazy.
*Você é doido/a varrido/a.You are crazy.
*Cê é doido, maluco?You crazy?

A quiz, so you can practice the most relevant questions and answers in Portuguese for beginners

In the quiz there is at least one wrong answer.

Online Self-Study Brazilian Portuguese Courses for Beginners (with Certificate)

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Here is more information about the free Brazilian Portuguese mini-course.

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  • The second includes many free tips to motivate and to inspire your learning.

The mini-course works as an introduction to the Portuguese language and will allow you to continue learning more easily.

When you finish the mini-course you get a discount coupon to take the comprehensive Portuguese course with which you will conclude the A1 level.

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You have a free trial lesson available.

Apart from the information on the course page, you have the FAQ and more information about the self-study system available here. If you have more questions, get in touch.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese from Scratch: Newsletter, YouTube, and Social Media

You can sign up for the Portuguese newsletter for English-speaking beginners for free, with content and tips to learn the language for free. You can learn Portuguese with content for beginners on social media: Do not miss the YouTube channel! Subscribe! You have this list with videos to get familiar with the basics of the Portuguese language in a communicative and enjoyable way (explanations in English).

The same content is available in Portuguese (with Portuguese / English subtitles) so you can do language immersion.

In this list you will find videos to learn the must-know Portuguese vocabulary (explanations in English).

The same content is available in Portuguese (with Portuguese / English subtitles) so you can do language immersion.

You will learn Portuguese in a matter of seconds in this list of short videos to master basic phrases.

More Free Content to Learn Brazilian Portuguese: Blog for English-speaking Beginners

In the Portuguese self-study blog for English speakers, you will find varied resources for beginners (videos, PDF, cheat sheets, audios, interactive flashcards, quiz).

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