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How To Pronounce The Most Googled Spanish Words

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Have you ever wondered if you correctly pronounce the Spanish expressions that everyone knows, such as “SOMBRERO”, “FELIZ NAVIDAD” or “CHORIZO”?

It is possible that you have been mispronouncing those internationalized Spanish words wrong… Your whole life!

In this guide with video, audio, cheat sheet, flashcards, and quiz to practice I will teach you how to pronounce Spanish words that surely ring a bell.

And, if they do not sound familiar, you may have ever stopped to think, for example, “how do you say 🐆 “jaguar” in Spanish?”

  • This guide has the purpose of answering your questions and to satisfy your curiosity.
  • This list is the result of a research on which are the most googled words and phrases in Spanish by foreigners on the Internet.

That is, I show you here the words that many people ask Google “how do you say … in Spanish?”.

  • You will find all these words here so that, from now on, you can use them correctly.

🔝Attention: I selected these expressions following a criterion of popularity among foreigners.

Does a beginner need to know all this Spanish vocabulary?

  • Some of these are words that you, as a beginner, should know.
  • But many other words do not need to be on your “top priority” Spanish vocabulary list…
  • Maybe you want to at least see and hear these words now, but you just want to incorporate them later into your Spanish vocabulary.

🔝Since we are talking about top-priority vocab, you have three Spanish vocabulary guides that I do advise you to check out:

✨46 first words in Spanish.

✨99+ most relevant verbs in Spanish.

✨225+ basic Spanish nouns.

Who is this Spanish material for?

  • If you do not speak any Spanish, you can start with this guide.
  • If you do already speak some Spanish, this guide will trigger your memory and help you improve your Spanish pronunciation.
  • In both cases, you’re sure to learn new and interesting things here.

The content of this Spanish pronunciation guide for English-speaking beginners

You can click on the index to go to the sections that interest you the most.

Al the end of this blog post you will find more FREE content for English-speaking beginners who want to learn Spanish from scratch, no registration required.

✔I highlight the useful tips in this guide with the symbol.

🎬You have the video with explanations in English.

You also have the video with the same content, explained in Spanish with subtitles in Spanish and English. I advise you to watch it if you already speak a little Spanish, and want to do language immersion.

🇪🇸 You have the same content fully explained in Spanish.

In each section, you have an audio with the words of each topic.

  • Some words on the list have two correct ways of being pronounced and, in these cases, I pronounce the two variations in the audios.
  • There are words where there are even more than two variations, like 🧅“CEBOLLA” (“onion”), which can be pronounced in four slightly different ways… And they are all correct!

In the audios you can change the playback speed, if you think it is too fast.

At the bottom of this post, you have a quiz to check your knowledge.

You have here interactive flashcards with the vocabulary of this list (Spanish/English). You can choose your favorite gaming or learning mode.

You have here interactive flashcards with the vocabulary of this list (Spanish/pictures). You can choose your favorite gaming or learning mode.

To learn your first words and phrases in Spanish, and thus get used to the sounds of the language, I suggest this video for English speakers who do not speak any Spanish.

  • In the video I teach useful resources for your next vacation in a Spanish-speaking country. You have audio and PDF to download here.

If you have no knowledge of Spanish (or almost none) and want to start from scratch, you have a FREE and ONLINE self-study mini-course with CERTIFICATE that you will love.

take FREE course

  • The course encompasses 5 lessons with video, audio, PDF with theory, examples, exercises, answers and a summary, interactive flashcards, and quiz.
  • At the end of the free course, you will be able to form your first Spanish sentences to use them in your daily communication and on vacation.
  • You sign up with two clicks and you can start the Spanish course immediately, if you want. You have no deadline to finish it.
  • You can find out more about the mini-course here.

⏩ Free course preview (sneak peek), with many free learning tips, available here, no registration needed:

How To Learn Spanish Online & For Free – Sneak Peek

At the end of this Spanish blog post for beginners you will find more FREE content with material that you can download, no need to register. I hope you like it!

I hope you’re looking forward to learning more about the Spanish language. With this guide, I assure, you will feel even more motivated to learn!

After all, Spanish is such a fun language that, whatever you say, it sounds quite nice. I could give you thousands of examples, and here’s one – a song whose chorus is just “Y SIENTO UN TUKITUKI”! It is simple and a little silly (“and I feel tukituki”, which is the sound of a beating heart), but it gives you feel-good Spanish vibes!

So, let’s get this party started!

How to pronounce “GRACIAS” (“thank you”) in Spanish

graciasthank you

How to pronounce some animal names in Spanish: words most searched by foreigners in Google


How to pronounce some names of food and drinks in Spanish: words most searched by foreigners in Google

chorizospicy sausage
paellarisotto-style dish
jamóncured ham
quesadillamexican cheese snack
quinuaa grain from the Andes
salsasauce, salsa dance
tortillamexican tortilla = flat bread
pincho (en vasco, pintxo)typical basque snack
manchegoManchego cheese
guacamoleavocado dip
mojitoCuban cocktail
daiquiríCuban cocktail
zumo de naranjaorange juice (Spain)
jugo de naranjaorange juice (Latin America)
café con lechecoffee with milk

How to pronounce some common phrases in Spanish: phrases most searched by foreigners in Google

¡Feliz navidad!Merry Christmas!
¡Mucha suerte!Good luck!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!Happy Birthday!
¡Muy bien!Very well!

How to say compliments and how to flirt in Spanish: phrases most searched by foreigners in Google

Eres muy guapo.You’re very good-looking. (to a man)
Eres muy guapa.You’re very good-looking. (to a woman)
bonito/bonitanice, beautiful
Eres muy lindo.You are very cute. (to a man)
Eres muy linda.You are very cute. (to a woman)
¡Bésame!Kiss me!
mi amormy love
Te quiero.I love you.

How to pronounce random words in Spanish: words most searched by foreigners in Google

cochecar (in Spain)
carrocar (in latin America)

How to pronounce words related to family and people in Spanish: words most searched by foreigners in Google


How to pronounce more random Spanish words: words most searched by foreigners in Google

cafeteríacafeteria, coffee shop
suavesuave, smooth
negarto deny
escucharto listen
¡vamos! / ¡Vámonos!Let’s go!

How to pronounce names of places and persons in Spanish: words most searched by foreigners in Google


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A quiz to test your knowledge!

There is at leas one wrong answer for each question.

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