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Free Video Guide: Portuguese Verbs for English Speakers

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In this post you will learn the vocabulary of the most important verbs in Portuguese with some tips and a lot of FREE material to DOWNLOAD (no registration required) and make your learning easier.
We cannot communicate without verbs, that is a fact! Verbs are action words. So let’s go straight to practice so that you get acquainted with the infinitive of the most important Portuguese verbs for your everyday life.
You have the video with the explanation in English.
You do not need to know Portuguese to follow this guide for English speakers about Portuguese verbs. Even if you already speak a little Portuguese, the information can be helpful.
However, you should at least be familiar with the pronunciation of Portuguese. You can learn it in a few minutes in this guide (video: starting on minute 09:41), with extra material that you can download for free.
If you want to dive deeper in the Portuguese language, you have the same content in this video with explanations in Portuguese and subtitles in Portuguese and English. You have another blog post with the content explained only in Portuguese.
In this YouTube list you will find more Portuguese vocabulary videos for English-speaking beginners, including a free guide with the 225+ most important nouns in Portuguese.
At the end of the post, you have more free content to continue learning Portuguese with videos and downloadable material… Even a FREE mini-course to learn Portuguese from scratch and at your own pace.
You will learn verbs with plenty of examples and exercises in lessons #7, #16, #17 of the Portuguese A1-course, with certificate and webinars.

Free material on Portuguese verbs for download

Here you can download – for free, no need to register – the material of this guide of Portuguese verbs for English-speaking beginners.
PDF with theory, exercises, and answers
PDF with theory, exercises, and answers
Audio in Portuguese
At the end of this post you will find a quiz to practice these important verbs of the Portuguese language.
Below, you have the vocabulary of the most relevant verbs of Portuguese for beginners. You have tables with audios, and you can change the playback speed of the audios.

The most basic verbs: Portuguese vocabulary for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the most elementary verbs of the Portuguese language starting on minute 01:24 of the video.
ser / estarto be / to be
terto have
haverto have
there is / there are
quererto want
poderto be able to (can)
pedirto order
precisar (de)to need
procurarto look for
darto give
usarto use
fazerto do, to make
pegarto take
tocarto touch
Would you like to learn more? In lessons #3, #4 and #5 of the FREE Portuguese mini-course you will learn the main verbs of Portuguese, how to conjugate them and how to form your first sentences. You will start communicating immediately! Sign up with two clicks here.
You will learn the difference between “TER” and “HAVER” and between “SABER” and “PODER” in the commentary of video #13 of this series of short videos in Portuguese.
  • If you want to know the differences between “SER” and “ESTAR”, I show them in that same post, in the comment of video #11.

Motion verbs: Portuguese vocabulary for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the motion verbs in Portuguese starting on minute 04:41 of the video.
irto go
virto come
partirto leave
chegarto arrive
voltarto come back
ficar (permanecer)to stay
andarto go
correrto run
caminharto go for a walk
dirigirto drive
andar de bicicletato ride a bike
viajarto travel
pôrto put
sairto go out (to get out)
entrarto come in  (to get in)
abrirto open
fecharto close
subirto go up
descerto go down
If you want to learn useful phrases to explore new places in a trip abroad, you have this Portuguese for English-speaking travelers phrasebook (video: starting on minute 27:57). You will learn with video and much more how to communicate in Portuguese on your next vacation.

Verbs of communication: Portuguese vocabulary for English-speaking beginners

You will learn the verbs in Portuguese that indicate communication-related activities starting on minute 07:43 of the video.
saberto know
conhecerto know
aprenderto learn
estudarto study
lerto read
escreverto write
anotarto take notes
falarto talk (to speak)
dizerto say
escutar (ouvir)to hear (to listen)
entender (compreender)to understand 
explicarto explain
traduzirto translate
ligar (pelo telefone)to call (phone)
perguntarto ask
responderto answer
enviarto send
receberto receive
Do you want to improve your communication skills in Portuguese? You have useful phrases in this 1-minute video with free resources to learn and practice (it is video #2 in the series).
If you want to learn the 81 most practical questions and answers for speaking conversational Portuguese, you have this video with free resources to download.

A free quiz to practice what you learned in this Portuguese vocabulary guide for beginners

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