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Welcome to the Minicourse

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Hello! Welcome to the mini course!

I’m Alicia Montero, your teacher. I hope you are doing great and looking forward to starting the course, but please read these instructions first to make the most of it.

(you will receive an email with the same information, you can ignore it if you read this)


The minimum time dedicated to a lesson is about 30 minutes. You decide how often you study and how to work with the material.
There are many different types of exercises in the material. If you don’t quite know what to do in an exercise, go to the next page. There you will find the answers (watch out for spoilers!) and, if you see a couple of examples, everything will be clear to you.
It is not convenient to let more than a week go by between lessons and it is advisable to spend at least 10 minutes a day to review what you have already learned. Quizlet® flashcards are great for practicing vocabulary on the go.
You can repeat the lessons as many times as you want.


To access the course platform, you just have to click on INTRANET in the top menu of the web.
Right now you have 24/7 lifetime access to the course platform from the INTRANET and you do not have a deadline to take the lessons.


It is convenient to work a lesson well before going on to the next one because the mini-course is progressive.
You should consider language learning as an investment that pays off. Everything you do during the course will be useful for your practical life.
In the first few minutes of the course, you may feel out of your comfort zone because the language is new to you.
But this is part of a new experience and makes it more interesting! Once you get familiar with the new sounds and words, everything will be easier and you will find the balance between the things you already know and the new things you are discovering.
Rest assured that every second you spend learning the language will pay off.


To pass a lesson, you must get 50% of the answers on the quiz right. You can repeat the quizzes as many times as you want.
When you have passed all the questionnaires, you can download your certificate from your INTRANET account.


You are already enrolled in the minicourse! You don’t have to pay anything for it, or take any other steps to start studying the new language.
Simply access the course content on the INTRANET and study when you feel like it, without deadlines.
It is very likely that you like this effective teaching system so much that you want to continue learning that way.
To help you and guide you in your learning project, there is a complete course with webinars and a certificate for you to complete level A1 (elementary).

Which language do you want to speak with confidence?


You have more information in the test course and lesson links above and also here.

With the minicourse you know the basics of the language that will allow you to learn more easily with the A1 course and enjoy it even more.

The mini-course is a brief introduction to the new language. To expand and consolidate your skills, you have the A1 course.

You have a 25% discount as a GIFT to buy the course with webinars.

The normal price of the course is €395, but with the discount you will only pay €296.25. It is a very affordable price for an educational service of such quality.

If you want to buy the course in a single payment , you will use the following coupon:


If you want to buy the course in three installments, without interest , you must use the following coupon:


Simply enter the coupon ( promo25 or promo25x ) when the coupon code is requested during checkout.