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Private Brazilian Portuguese classes by Zoom®

Dynamic and with tailor-made materials, for all levels (A1-C2), adapted to the pace, needs and desires of each student.
Learn online with a competent native tutor who speaks your language and therefore better understands your Portuguese language difficulties and can help you overcome them in a constructive and enjoyable way. Your teacher will guide you in the learning process at the pace that you determine, the classes will be adapted to your objectives and interests and you will be able to schedule the classes at the time that is most appropriate for you.


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Discens Learning

Why have private Brazilian Portuguese classes by Zoom® with Discens Language Learning?

1. Experienced Native Teachers:

  • Learn Portuguese from private native teachers with solid academic backgrounds and years of teaching experience.
  • Teachers understand your difficulties and help you overcome them, offering support in Spanish if desired.

2. Convenience of Online Learning:

  • Study from the comfort of your home, office, or any location of your choice, saving time and money on commuting.

3. Minimal Requirements:

  • All you need is an electronic device, internet access, and a Zoom® account to receive your classes.
  • Personalized digital materials are provided based on your objectives.

4. Effective Private Classes:

  • Private classes are highly effective, ensuring that your time is used efficiently.

5. Flexible Learning Pace:

  • Learn at your preferred speed, and the pace of classes adapts to your needs, preventing you from feeling rushed or slowed down.

6. Customized Content:

  • Determine the content of your classes by discussing your learning goals, prior language experience, and objectives with the teacher.
  • Tailor your lessons to general Portuguese, business applications, exam preparation, travel, or personal interest in language and culture.

7. Interactive Online Learning:

  • Zoom®-based digital learning is interactive and engaging.
  • Features include chat messages, screen sharing, file sharing with the teacher, and real-time communication for practicing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

8. International Standards:

  • Discens Language Learning follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) established by the Council of Europe, ensuring the quality of instruction.

9. Personalized Learning Environment:

  • Receive full attention from your teacher in a personalized learning environment akin to linguistic immersion.
  • Teachers adapt the content and resources based on your needs and desires.

10. Free Trial Class:

  • Try Discens Language Learning with a free trial class.
  • Get acquainted with your teacher and experience their teaching approach without any commitment or obligation.

Dare to try Discens Language Learning and discover an engaging, efficient, and personalized way to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Discens Learning
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Schedule a Trial

Reserve a free 45-minute trial lesson through Zoom® by selecting a suitable date and time.

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Check Equipment

Ensure your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) has a camera and microphone, and that Zoom® is downloaded. A speedy internet connection (at least 5 Mb) is essential.

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Confirm via Emai

Immediately receive a confirmation email with the Zoom® meeting link upon booking your class.

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Participate in the Test

Attend the scheduled test class via the provided Zoom® link to gauge your interest in continuing.

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Book Future Sessions

If you wish to proceed, the teacher will share a calendar link for you to self-book future classes at your convenience.

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Payment Process

After deciding on the number of classes, email with your personal data for the invoice (name, address, and national identification number).

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Receive Invoice:

The invoice for your classes will be sent via email, and you can choose to pay via bank transfer (IBAN) or PayPal®. Classes are prepaid, with no hidden fees.

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Complementary Resources

Access free digital learning materials, including news and updates, to enhance your Brazilian Portuguese learning experience.

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