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Mini Courses

Discens Learning
Discens Learning
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Welcome to the free online self-study mini-courses for English-speaking beginners!


Welcome to the free online self-study mini-courses for English-speaking beginners!

Learn foreign languages online, from scratch, with full flexibility!
Online Spanish and Portuguese self-study courses with certificate for English-speaking beginners.
Varied, helpful, free digital content to learn the basics of the language and to communicate efficiently.
Upon course completion, you obtain your certificate and a discount to purchase the comprehensive online Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese A1-course that includes webinars and certificate
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Free mini courses

FREE Spanish Course with Certificate

Free mini courses

FREE Portuguese Course
with Certificate

Quick Q&A: Free Online Mini-Courses for
English-speaking Beginners

Includes course preview that you can access without having to sign up!
Click on each question to read the answer.

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Do you have remaining questions? On the course page you have more information. You can also check out the course FAQ, the privacy policy or reach out using the contact form.

Any beginner who does not have previous knowledge or who wants to refresh his basic notions in a systematic, enjoyable, and practical way.

You can enroll in one single course or in both, if you want to “have a taste” of the new languages (​​100% online and free of charge).

The explanations in each course are in English to facilitate learning, since the course does not require prior knowledge of Spanish / Portuguese. But you do not have to be a native English speaker to enroll.

The goal is for the student to learn their first words and phrases in Portuguese and / or Spanish and to pronounce properly in the language.

To take the course, just go to the SPANISH COURSE or PORTUGUESE COURSE and click on "CREATE ACCOUNT" to access the learning platform. For the account you only have to provide your name and email address.

Then go back to the COURSE and click on "PURCHASE COURSE – 0€" (you do not have to leave any bank details).

Simply click OK and you are in!

You can start the course right away if you feel like it and you do not have a deadline to complete the lessons.

Free Spanish Mini-Course

Free Portuguese Mini-Course

Yes, you can access two FREE course previews, no need to enroll.
Here you can watch the video of the first lesson of the free Spanish course.
Here you can watch the video of the first lesson of the free Portuguese course.

Each mini-course takes approximately 2 hours to be finished and is flexible. You decide when to study, you only need an electronic device and an internet connection.

When you enroll, you have lifetime, 24/7 access to the platform. You do not have a deadline to finish the mini-course.

Each mini-course consists of five lessons in which you will learn the basics of pronunciation and begin to understand how the new language works.

On the platform of the mini-course, you will find:

  • a video tutorial class in each lesson
  • theory, exercises, and a summary for download
  • vocabulary lists in PDF and MP3 audio for download
  • customized vocabulary cards in the Quizlet® app to learn by playing games
  • a test in each lesson + a final test to confirm your progress

You will get the completion certificate and a discount to purchase other courses as well.

Spanish Free Mini-Course

Portuguese Free Mini-Course

On the course page itself and in the course sneak peek, which you can access below without having to sign up.

I’m Alicia, I’m glad that you wish to learn a new language! I was born into a trilingual family (Spanish, Portuguese, and German) and I have been teaching these languages since 2010. Languages are my passion, and it is a pleasure to teach them. I am sure you will have fun and learn a lot from the mini-courses!

To continue learning, you can enroll in our complete online courses to finish level A1. They are more comprehensive than the mini-courses but have the same structure.

If you enroll in them, you can also participate in webinars, so you can ask your questions to the teacher.

There are no prerequisites to participate in these courses, but what you learn in the mini- courses will certainly make it easier for you to learn if you take the full courses.

In addition, you have FREE content to continue learning languages ​​at your own pace on the Spanish and Portuguese blogs and on social media.

FREE Content: Spanish for Beginners

FREE Content: Portuguese for Beginners