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Are you interested in getting to know your private tutor and Discens Language Learning’s teaching approach? Would you like a 45-minute trial lesson via Skype®, free of charge and without any further obligation?

You just have to fill in the form and send it to Discens Language Learning. Within one working day, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your free trial lesson is taking place in one of your required dates or, if this is not possible, Discens Language Learning will suggest alternative dates for you.

For the trial lesson, as well as for the online lessons that you can purchase if you liked our didactic approach, you only need a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet with a camera and a microphone, on which Skype® is installed, as well as a sufficiently fast internet connection (preferably Ethernet; at least 5Mb, optimally 10Mb or higher).

Once you are convinced of our learning method, you can request individual private lessons or blocks of private lessons with Discens Language Learning, schedule your lessons with us, and securely pay with IBAN bank transfer or PayPal®.

With our blocks of 10 and 25 private lessons, we offer respectively the last and the last three private lessons free of charge. The corresponding amounts are to be paid in advance. Our invoices do not include VAT; the services of Discens Language Learning are exempt from Spanish VAT [Ley 37/1992 de 28 de Diciembre del Impuesto of Valor Añadido, Artículo 20 Uno 9º].

Our exclusive learning material is already included in our prices. There are no admission fees or similar hidden additional costs for you.

Book your 45-minute trial lesson here:

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1. Within one working day, you will receive from us via e-mail the confirmation of the date of your trial lesson.

2. You take time to prepare yourself for the trial lesson, switching on your computer and starting Skype®. If you do not already have Skype®, you can easily open your Skype® own account.

3. Approximately 15 minutes before the start of the trial lesson, you will receive an e-mail reminding you of it.

4.You will receive your free trial lesson without any further obligation. The duration of it is 45 minutes; however, we kindly ask you to plan some extra minutes for questions you may have.

5. If already immediately after your trial lesson you are convinced to become a student of Discens Language Learning, you are welcome to discuss your individual learning schedule with your private tutor.

6. You can decide between single private lessons or a block of private lessons, whatever suits you best, and inform us of your preferred date(s) for your online lesson(s) by email. If one or more of your desired dates are no longer available, Discens Language Learning will offer you via e-mail alternative dates until you have determined your schedule to your complete satisfaction.

7. You will receive an e-mail with your invoice and your individual schedule. Please take notice that the Spanish law [Real Decreto 1616/2012 de 30 de Noviembre que Regula la Obligación de Facturación, Artículo 6, Apartado 5º] requires that Discens Language Learning’s invoices state, besides Discens Language Learning’s NIF (Spanish tax identification number), address and telephone number, the student’s name, address and national identity number (for example, the German Personalausweisnummer).

8.You pay with bank transfer (IBAN) or with PayPal®.

9. Within one working day of receiving your payment, Discens Language Learning will send you an e-mail with the confirmation of your payment and the final learning schedule, based on the dates already agreed with you.
Discens Language Learning wishes you success in language learning!

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