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Español – Palabras Especiales


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A "chanchullo" is an illegal business or matter. It is a word associated with corruption.


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"Chinchulines" is a dish made from beef intestines, fried or grilled. They are also called "chunchullos".


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"¡Recórcholis!" is an old-fashioned exclamation to indicate surprise.


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"Galimatías" is something we cannot understand, because it is not well explained or is confusing per se.


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"Churri" is jow some people (normally in Spain) refer to their boy/girlfriend.


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The "barroco churrigueresco" is the overelaborated Spanish Baroque style.


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"Ajilimójili" is a sweet-spicy sauce from Puerto Rico.


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"Espeluznante" means "creepy".


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The "gamusino" is a fictional animal. There is no gamusino, it is just a kind of practical joke that is used to scare city people who go to the woods.


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In Mexico, "firulais" is an affectionate name for a dog that is not purebred.

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