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Online Self-Study Spanish Course for English Speakers (A1)




👨‍🎓Learn Spanish online with a self-study course (level A1) for English-speaking beginners with video classes and digital materials.

🇪🇸 ✨ Learn Spanish online, at your own pace, with the online course for English-speaking beginners.

🎓 With webinars so you can ask your questions live.

🎓Course completion certificate included!

🎓No previous knowledge required.

💎 The online self-study Spanish course for English speakers includes:

✔One video class per lesson (approx. 12 minutes).

✔PDF with theory, examples, exercises, answers, and summary.

✔Audios in MP3 format.

✔Quiz to check your knowledge.

✔Interactive flashcards to practice vocabulary and phrases.

✔Webinars where you can ask your questions.

✔Certificate of completion at no cost.

📬If you have questions, contact us or check out the FAQs.

👏You will learn systematically and you will find out how fun learning

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