Private Brazilian Portuguese classes by Zoom®

Dynamic and with tailor-made materials, for all levels (A1-C2), adapted to the pace, needs and desires of each student.
Learn online with a competent native tutor who speaks your language and therefore better understands your Portuguese language difficulties and can help you overcome them in a constructive and enjoyable way.
Your teacher will guide you in the learning process at the pace that you determine, the classes will be adapted to your objectives and interests and you will be able to schedule the classes at the time that is most appropriate for you.

Why have private Brazilian Portuguese classes by Zoom® with Discens Language Learning?

Because you will learn Portuguese with private native teachers who have a solid academic background, as well as many years of teaching practice, who understand your difficulties and will help you overcome them, using Spanish as a support if you wish. All our teachers have extensive university training, in addition to other qualification certificates for teaching foreign languages.
Because you will learn online from home, from the office or from wherever you choose , and this will save you time and money.
Because you don’t need anything more than an electronic device, internet access and a Zoom® account to receive your classes. Digital materials are varied and personalized. The teacher provides them to you based on your objectives and you can download them to work with them during classes and in your free time.
Because private classes are very effective in terms of taking advantage of time, without a doubt.
Because you learn at the speed you prefer and the pace of the classes adapts to your needs; You won’t feel rushed or slowed down.
Because you will have flexibility to decide to take more classes now and few later or vice versa. You will not be pressured to take a certain number of classes during a certain time or to follow a schedule that has been imposed on you.
Because you will determine the content of the classes by explaining to the teacher your reasons for learning Brazilian Portuguese , your previous experience with the language, your objectives and how you want to achieve them. The teacher will adapt to your level and your objectives, whether you want to learn general Portuguese or applied to business, if you want to learn to pass an official exam, to travel or just because you are passionate about the language and the culture. During each class, the teacher will focus on the needs and desires of the student and, based on this, will program the contents and choose the teaching resources.
Because digital learning through Zoom® is not cold and distant as some might think, but rather entertaining and interactive, because it allows for many possibilities, such as exchanging chat messages, sharing screens and files with the teacher, and talking in real time. , so that in each class your reading, writing, and oral expression and comprehension skills will be practiced naturally.
Because Discens Language Learning follows the international standards established by the Council of Europe through its Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).
Because, in short, you will have the full attention of your teacher in this personalized learning environment that is similar to that of linguistic immersion; because you will be able to receive and make comments in a timely manner and in real time during the classes and you will learn Portuguese with exclusive teaching materials in a communicative, pleasant and efficient way.
 And, finally, because you will be able to take a free trial class during which you will get acquainted with your teacher and you will test our learning approach, without having any commitment or obligation towards us. Dare and try our system. I’m sure you’ll like it!


Enter your description
Single class (60 minutes)
  • Block of 10 classes of 60 minutes
    at €306
    The tenth (last) class is free.
  • Block of 25 classes of 60 minutes
    at €748
    The last three classes are free

How to take the test class

Would you like a 45-minute private trial lesson via Zoom® to meet your private teacher, free of charge and without obligation ? You only have to reserve the date and time in the teacher’s calendar and indicate your name and e-mail address.

For online classes, you need a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone. You must have downloaded Zoom® and have a fast enough Internet connection (at least 5 Mb).

After booking the class…

1. You will instantly receive a confirmation email with the link to the Zoom® meeting, which you will click on when the agreed time is.
2. You will take the test class. If you are already determined to receive regular private classes (paid), your teacher will share with you the link to his calendar so that you can book your new classes whenever you want. You will receive a confirmation email for each class, with the link to the Zoom® meeting.
3. You will send an e-mail to informing how many classes you want to take and the personal data (name, address and national identification number) necessary for the invoice.
4. You will receive the invoice by e-mail and you can pay by bank transfer (IBAN) or by PayPal®. Classes are paid in advance. There is no registration fee or additional costs. Our learning material is already included in our prices.


You will find free digital material with news and regular updates
to continue learning Brazilian Portuguese…