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Learning Resources of this Free Trial Lesson: Brazilian Portuguese for English-speaking Beginners

🎬Here you have the video of the first lesson of the self-study online course.

🧡The main content of this first lesson is also explained in Portuguese, with subtitles in Portuguese /English.

  • ⏩You can change the playback speed, if you want. 🤿This way, you can learn Portuguese through immersion.
  • 🥳It is an amazing way to review this topic and optimize your skills!
  • ✨You have a blog post entirely in Portuguese with this content, in case you want to check it out.

➕The content of this lesson on greetings, farewell formulas and polite phrases in Portuguese is explained in detail in this FREE blog post for English-speaking beginners.

👉 You can access without signing up and download the lessons materials for FREE. 🤗 I hope you like it!

👇At the end you will find the quiz of this lesson of the Brazilian Portuguese self-study course for beginners.

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▶Learning material of this free trial lesson

In this free trial lesson, as a sample of the course materials, you will find:

  • The video-recorded class.
  • Sets of flashcards. They are interactive and you can choose the learning/gaming mode you prefer.
  • The material and the vocabulary list in PDF format. You can download it after creating a free account on this website.
  • The vocabulary in MP3 format. You can download it with your free account.
  •  A quiz for you to self-assess your progress once you are enrolled in the course.
  • An additional quiz, exclusively in the trial lesson. In the other course lessons, there is only one quiz per lesson.

👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 At the end of the course, you will also find a final quiz + a PDF summary of the grammar of the course, and you can download the course certificate.

😊 All course lessons include a video class, downloadable material, and a quiz.

📑 The material presented is the result of over twelve years of exclusive dedication to language teaching and is protected by copyright.

▶Flashcards of this free trial lesson

📌📌📌Here are the free interactive flashcards with the greetings in Portuguese. You can choose your preferred study or gaming mode.

📌📌📌Here are the free interactive flashcards with the polite phrases in Portuguese. You can choose your preferred study or gaming mode.

📌📌📌Here are the free interactive flashcards with the greeting and polite phrases in Portuguese so you can learn them in pairs (Action – – – > Reaction). You can choose your preferred study or gaming mode.

🎯Highlights of the Brazilian Portuguese Course for English-speaking Beginners

🔎Reading time: about 5 minutes.

🧐You do not have to read all the information if you do not want to: the signup and course completion process is simple and intuitive.


The self-study Portuguese course does not require previous knowledge, but if you already speak some Portuguese, it will jog your memory and you will learn new relevant information to speak basic conversational Portuguese.

✔When you finish the course for beginners, you will be able to communicate in Portuguese in a simple, but effective way, in daily-life and travel situations.

✔With the online course, you will finish level A1 (beginners) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

✔The Brazilian Portuguese course uses English as a support language to facilitate learning. You do not need to be a native speaker of English to take the course. If you speak English fluently, you will be able to learn the new language at ease with this self-study course.


This is a progressive and online self-study course. You have all the didactic material neatly organized on the course platform.  You decide your learning pace.

When you enroll in the Brazilian Portuguese course, you can start learning immediately, if you want.  You do not have a deadline to finish the course. You have lifetime access to the digital course.

The online self-study course is the most flexible and productive way to learn. 👉Compared to private lessons and group classes (online or face-to-face), the digital self-study course will save you time and money.

One of the advantages of the online course is: no matter how busy your life is, you can take Portuguese lessons because you do not have to follow a class schedule. You do not have to adapt to the course, but the course adapts to you, and you can learn whenever it suits you best.

In addition, time management is much more effective than with a regular class because the teacher does not have to divide her attention among the group participants. You will feel like you are in a private Portuguese lesson! Your online course is just as time-saving, with the advantage that you do not have to arrange a class schedule with your teacher, and stick to it.

Apart from all that, the price per lesson in the online course is much more affordable than the a private lesson with a certified teacher with years of experience (👇 please read below the information about the price and course payment).

✔Moreover, the price per lesson in the online course is much more affordable than that of a private lesson of that quality standard.

⭐In the online course you have, apart from the live webinars, the guidance and material created by a specialized teacher with years of academic training and professional experience,. This high quality has also very high cost, but since it is an online course, the price for the student is much more affordable

✔You can take the lessons of the course for beginners only once. But, if you desire, you can take them two times, three times –  as many times as you want or need.

There is no standard amount of time to conclude the Brazilian Portuguese course for beginners: the duration of it depends on the student. Each of the 42 lessons has a video class of approximately 15 minutes and the minimum time it takes to complete a lesson is 45-60 minutes.

The more time the student spends learning, the quicker and more visible the results of this effort will be. In order not to get discouraged, you should consider the study of a foreign language an investment that gives very promising results.

The greater your dedication, the better your results will be. Learning Portuguese is a fun and rewarding experience that will open many doors – both in your personal and professional life.

You have here more free learning tips and motivation hacks that will improve your learning performance.


✔On the self-study course page you can see the lesson plan.

✔You have more detailed information about the contents of the course here.

✔The multimedia course material is complete and diverse. Thus, you will have the right variety and intensity of stimuli to take in without feeling underchallenged or overwhelmed, and plenty of motivation to achieve your learning goals.

✔In the Portuguese course for English-speaking beginners you will find video classes, PDF, MP3, interactive flashcards, and quizzes. You have a sample of those digital resources available here:

✔In the PDFs of the course you will find the theory, the examples, the exercises, the answers, and the summary. You can work with the PDFs online, download them, or print them.

✔The PDFs are like the course textbook and their content is complemented by the other course materials (videos, MP3, flashcards).

You can download the PDFs and MP3s and take them everywhere on your smartphone.

✔On that device you can also practice Portuguese on the go with the interactive flashcards using the free Quizlet® mobile app. You have many learning and gaming modes to practice vocabulary with the digital flashcards.

You have a quiz in each lesson to self-assess your knowledge. You can retake the quizzes, if you want to. With the quizzes you will feel proud of how much you have achieved!

When you have passed all the quizzes, you can download your certificate from the online course platform at no additional cost.

✔If you have questions during the learning process, you can participate in webinars to ask the Portuguese teacher your questions in real time.

You can also write an email with your questions to the teacher so that, even if you cannot participate in the webinar, she will answer your questions in that online session.

The webinar is recorded, so you can watch it whenever the time is convenient to you.


✔The normal price of this comprehensive Brazilian Portuguese course is 395€, but you can benefit from coupons (for example, by finishing the free mini-course) and get a ✨ great discount.

✔Simply type in the coupon code when you are asked to do so during the purchase process. 🎉This way, you will pay only 296,25€ for your comprehensive A1-Portuguese course (less than 7€/lesson)!

✔You have more info about the FREE online mini-course for English-speaking beginners with certificate below👇.

✔The payment is quick and secure. You can pay in three installments (zero interest) (credit/cash-point card) or make a sole payment (using PayPal® or your credit/cash-point card).

The checkout process is no different than what you will find on other websites with e-commerce.

✔The online Brazilian Portuguese course price includes:

🔹All the material on the platform.

🔹Access to webinars during your first 6 months enrolled in the course.

🔹Full access to the recordings of the previous webinars.

🔹Course certificate (you do not have to pay extra to obtain the certificate).

The certificate indicates that you took language lessons that allowed you to finish the level A1 of the CEFR.

✔If you plan to take an official language test, such as CELPE-BRAS, you can aim for the basic level if you practice a bit focusing on the skills required for this exam, specifically. If you aspire to take one of these exams, we can help you with private online classes via Zoom® tailored to your needs.


✔Signing up for the self-study Brazilian Portuguese course for English speakers is a simple process.

1️⃣Just go to the course page. Choose if you prefer to make one payment or to pay in three interest-free installments and click “PURCHASE COURSE”.

2️⃣In the next screen you type in your coupon code. ⏩If you do not have an account, you create one simply informing your e-mail address and your name. ⏩If you already have an account on this website (for example, if you already signed up for the mini-course), log in to your account and you will go straight to checkout.

3️⃣In checkout, the only data you must inform to purchase the course is your country of residence. You choose your payment method (PayPal® or credit/cash-point card).

🆗 You will receive the purchase confirmation e-mail and can start the course immediately, if you want.

🔜To take your Portuguese lessons, just log in to your account on this website and on INTRANET you have unlimited access to your course. – as if you had a “Brazilian Portuguese flat rate” 😉


👉Do you have remaining questions?  On the course page and on the info page you have more information. You can also check out the course FAQ, the privacy policy or reach out using the contact form.

🎁Would you Like More FREE Content to Learn Brazilian Portuguese Online?

Portuguese blog for beginners: FREE materials for download, no need to subscribe

✔You have a blog with videos and many downloadable resources to give you even more input and inspiration to learn Brazilian Portuguese from scratch.

You do not need to subscribe to have access to the downloadable material for beginners.

On the free blog you have, for example:

🔹This free guide (with video and downloadable material) you can have your first contact with the language.  You can watch the video here:

🔹This guide (with video and resources that you can download) you can continue exploring the new language, with many tips to learn for free.

🔹This guide (with video and PDF/MP3 travel-phrasebook to download) will teach you the most useful Portuguese phrases for travelers.  You can watch the video here:

Portuguese newsletter for English-speaking beginners

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Even more FREE Portuguese content for beginners on social media

🔔Subscribe to the YouTube channel to watch didactic videos of all lenghts, in English or in Portuguese with subtitles. ⚡For example, you have this playlist with short videos to learn the most basic Portuguese phrases in a matter of seconds!

🌐You will also find high quality didactic content on the following social networks:

FREE online mini-course: Brazilian Portuguese for English speakers (no prior knowledge required)

✔ Do you like this teaching methodology? You can continue learning with the same system for free, no strings attached!

⭐Sign up with two clicks for the free Portuguese mini-course for English speakers!⭐

✔The online Brazilian Portuguese mini-course starts from scratch. The free course is an extremely practical and pleasant introduction to the new language.

You will learn must-know basics to start communicating in everyday life and on vacation.

✔The Brazilian Portuguese mini-course is fully compatible with the comprehensive course. If you start studying the language with the mini-course, learning will be much easier.

✔With the mini-course for English-speaking beginners, you can learn Portuguese at your own pace, with no deadlines. You can start learning immediately, if you want, and you can take the time you need to finish it.

✔You will obtain the certificate of completion – free of charge.

✔When you finish the mini-course you will obtain a DISCOUNT to purchase the comprehensive A1-Portuguese course.  

💡The mini-course is a free sample of the Discens Language Learning® teaching methodology. It is an enjoyable first contact of the new language and a way for you to find out if you like this flexible self-study system (❣ spoiler alert: you will most likely love it!).

The comprehensive A1-course is NOT a longer, paid version of the mini-course. The learning system of both is the same, but the content is different.

These are two different self-study Brazilian Portuguese courses for beginners, each with its own syllabus and original study material.

✔Furthermore, while you do NOT have webinars in the mini-course, in the comprehensive A1 course you can participate in these online sessions to ask your questions in real time.

🖊Quiz of this Trial Lesson: Practice your Portuguese Skills for Free

Quiz instructions

✔ Some questions in the quizzes have more than one correct answer, for instance, the first question in this quiz, and there is always at least one wrong answer.

With ==> the answer to the question is the correct reaction, for example, “Obrigado/a.” ==> “De nada.”.

🎁You have an additional quiz about this content, available for free, no need to register.

Oi! - - > 😎

Credit: Canva. Iguaçu.

Please select 2 correct answers

Correct! Wrong!

Bom __! 🌞

Credit: Canva.. Pantanal.
Correct! Wrong!

Até __! 👋

Credit: Canva. Nordeste.

Please select 2 correct answers

Correct! Wrong!

__ bem? 😏

Credit: Canva. Minas Gerais.
Correct! Wrong!

Como __? 😏

Credit: Canva. Recife.
Correct! Wrong!

Tudo em ordem, e __? 😏

Credit: Canva. São Paulo.
Correct! Wrong!

Desculpe! - - >😪

Credit: Canva. Salvador.
Correct! Wrong!

Muito obrigado/a! - - >🙌

Credit: Canva.. Amazonas.
Correct! Wrong!

Tenha um bom dia! 😍

Credit: Canva. Brasil.

Please select 2 correct answers

Correct! Wrong!

__ obrigado/a! 🤗

Credit: Canva. Rio de Janeiro.
Correct! Wrong!

💙I hope you have a lot of fun learning and speaking the new language!😎

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