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How to learn Spanish for free with materials for English-speaking beginners

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Spanish Blog Posts

🔸Your first contact with the Spanish language.

🔸Find here the free resources and motivation to learn Spanish with pro tips! Free mini-course preview, that you can access without enrolling.

On the link, you’ll find more tips, videos,  and resources to learn Spanish for FREE and from scratch. 😊

🔸A series of 1-minute videos to learn the most basic Spanish with transcriptions, audios, and quizzes.

🔸The most common greetings, farewells and politeness phrases in Spanish.

🔸 62 simple phrases in Spanish for travelers.

🔸The 81 TOP questions and answers in Spanish.

🔸The most thorough guide on greetings and goodbyes in Spanish.

🔸Vocabulary: the most relevant verbs in Spanish for English speakers.

🔸Vocabulary: the most relevant nouns in Spanish for English speakers.

😇In this playlist, you will find videos to learn Spanish with explanations in Spanish (with Spanish & English subtitles)

😉You have a list of videos (with explanations in English) to learn Spanish basics:

😊In this list you will find short videos to learn Spanish in the blink of an eye:

🤗 Videos for English speakers who want to learn the essential vocabulary of the Spanish language.

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About the author: I am Alicia, your Spanish teacher 💙. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I was raised trilingual, since my mother is German and my father, Spaniard. I did my undergraduate and Ph.D. studies in Madrid and Berlin. After completing my Masters in Didactics in 2010, I applied my knowledge to foreign language teaching. I worked in Berlin with face-to-face classes until 2018. Since then, I have specialized in online teaching and the creation of digital learning content.

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