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Online Self-Study Spanish Course for English Speakers (A1)

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Online Self-Study Spanish Course for English Speakers (A1)

About The Course

Learn Spanish online, at your own pace, with the online self-study course for English-speaking beginners (A1)

Relevant Questions & Answers about the Spanish Self-Study Course for Beginners

The Spanish course is suitable for those who have no previous knowledge of the language.

It is also suitable for those who speak a little Spanish and want to trigger their memory.

In both cases, you will learn new, relevant information to speak conversational Spanish.

The course has many explanations in English, but you do not need to be a native speaker of that language to take the course. Students of any nationality who are fluent in English will be able to enjoy the classes.

Its purpose is helping the student to finish level A1 (basic) of the CEFR. After taking the 42 lessons and webinars you will be able to speak conversational Spanish, so you can communicate in daily life and on vacation.

On the top of this page you click on the type of purchase you prefer. You can purchase the course in a single payment or in three installments, at zero interest.

When you click, it will ask you to create a free account to access the platform. If you already have an account on the website, use your account details to purchase the course.

You need to provide your name, e-mail address and country of residence.

You can pay by PayPal® or by credit/debit card.

The purchase process is quick, easy, and safe.

You sign up for the course for English-speaking beginners and you can start learning immediately, if you want to do so.

You can access your course, download the certificate of completion and more from INTRANET.

If you have further questions, please contact us. You can also check the info on the free trial lesson, the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the FAQ.

The methodology is focused on boosting the student’s communicative skills. It is a practice-oriented course, so the students have varied stimuli (video, audio, PDF, interactive flashcards…).

This mix allows them to understand the most elementary structures of the language, so they are capable of speaking Spanish from the very beginning.

You can check it out for yourself because you have a free TRIAL LESSON available.

Free Trial Lesson

You can get to know this teaching system with the FREE mini-course, no strings attached.

Free Mini-Course

You have a preview of the free mini-course, so you can check out some of the content, no registration needed.

How To Learn Spanish Online & For Free – Sneak Peek

The mini-course consists of 5 lessons and offers you a free certificate of completion.

It is advisable to take the mini-course before the comprehensive course because it is a very productive first contact with the language that will allow you to understand it effortlessly.

In addition, when you finish the mini-course you will get a discount to purchase the comprehensive A1- course, if you want to keep on learning with this system.

You can obtain more information about the Spanish mini-course below and on the FAQs. You can also contact us, if you have any more questions.

No, the course is totally flexible, so you can take the time you need to finish it. In addition, during the first 6 months you can participate in webinars to ask your course-related questions.

The online self-study Spanish course for beginners (A1) includes:

One video class per lesson (approx. 12 minutes).

PDF with theory, examples, exercises, answers, and summary.

Audios in MP3 format.

Quiz to check your knowledge.

Interactive flashcards to practice vocabulary and phrases.

Webinars where you can ask your questions.

Certificate of completion at no additional cost.

You have a free sample of these materials in the TRIAL LESSON.

Free Trial Lesson

I am Alicia, your Spanish teacher. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I was raised trilingual, since my mother is German and my father, Spaniard. I did my undergraduate and Ph.D. studies in Madrid and Berlin. After completing my Masters in Didactics in 2010, I applied my knowledge to foreign language teaching. I worked in Berlin with face-to-face classes until 2018. Since then, I have specialized in online teaching and the creation of digital learning content.

You can learn about my teaching style on the blog, on Facebook, on Pinterest , on Linkedin, and on the YouTube channel. Subscribe to learn for free!

You can find playlists like this one on YouTube to help you learn the basics of Spanish (in Spanish, with Spanish/English subtitles), in case you want to do some language immersion. The same content is also explained only in English.

Are you still not sure that you want to take the course, but you like how Spanish sounds and would like to start speaking?

Learning a foreign language is a simultaneously fun and productive activity that will offer you vibrant, colorful, mind-opening life experiences and new personal relationships.

  • Furthermore, speaking a foreign language creates greater, promising career opportunities and allows you to aspire to better-paying jobs.

But learning a language will requires commitment and a bit of your time…

And learning will be much easier if you have access to the right resources, that are specifically designed for English-speaking beginners

By "to speak fluently", we mean: to speak a language without the awkward process of translating English words in your head before uttering them in Spanish.

  • You may only speak basic Spanish, but if you manage a relevant and useful set of structures and you know the core vocabulary, you will be able to communicate at ease.
  • For that, you need an adequate methodology that gives you the tools to understand the new language and to speak in a clear and logical – yet spontaneous – way.

This is not a promise: it is a guarantee. If you take your learning seriously, the courses and materials for beginners that you will find on this website will really help you understand the language in a systematic and natural way from the very start. You will be able to speak Spanish fluently.

"To take it seriously" does NOT mean studying night and day, obsessing over grammar rules, and cramming vocabulary with no joy and no feeling of gratification.

  • It means working a little day after day, taking pride in what you have accomplished so far with your determination, and being excited about what is yet to come.

That is one of the aspects that makes learning a language a strikingly beautiful experience: it is a cumulative process that generates a desire to learn more and more.

In a foreign language, everything you learn is and will be useful, and the feeling of control that you get when you learn this new skill is both powerful and empowering.

  • Every second that you are in contact with Spanish allows you to absorb it – even if you are unaware of this passive learning. This is an intuitive, instinctive process that is unique of the human mind.

As you move forward in your Spanish project, you gain life-changing abilities – like being able to think and even dream in a second language. This gives you a thrilling sense of gratification.

With a new language you discover exotic cultures, new sounds and melodies, concepts, ways of thinking and engaging with reality, social customs…

Learning a language online is a (very low-cost!) way to travel without having to leave the house. It is a drawback-free activity that opens your mind by presenting you with realities that you were previously unaware of.

  • If you really want to learn, you will achieve your goal. On this website you will find resources that will guide you through the process, give you more input, and make you take pleasure from learning.

You will find free material to learn Spanish in the following platforms:

Sign up for the free Spanish newsletter, with learning tips and fresh content for English-speaking beginners!

You also have a blog for English speakers. In it you have free material to learn Spanish in a communicative way. You do not need to subscribe to download the material.


The free resources on the Spanish blog for beginners are independent of the course materials, but are fully compatible with the online course.

You can use the free materials as “extras”, to learn a bit more Spanish along the way. In fact, you will find within the course lessons links to that free content when it is relevant to said lessons.

You can also learn Spanish with a FREE mini-course for English speakers. With it, you can have your first contact with the language completely free of charge, no strings attached.

Free Mini-Course

The mini-course, like the comprehensive A1 course, is online and allows you to study whenever and wherever you want.

The mini-course is a free sample of the teaching methodology that you will find in the comprehensive A1 course.

The mini-course is independent of the A1 course. You do not need to take the mini-course first and then start the comprehensive A1 course.

  • However, the mini-course serves to give you a head start to communicate in the language.
  • That is, the mini-course is an introduction to the language that you will surely find pleasant as well as productive.
  • You will learn more easily with the A1 course if you completed the mini-course before.

In addition, when you finish the mini-course you will get your certificate and a DISCOUNT to buy the comprehensive course.

If you use the mini-course discount coupon, the price per Spanish lesson in the A1-Spanish course is less than 7 euros.

That price includes unlimited access to all the digital material that was crafted to suit the needs of English-speaking beginners + the webinars + the certificate.

You have a preview of the mini-course. You do not need to enroll in the course to have access to this sneak peek.

The mini-course is 100% original content, with its own learning material. The mini-course is not a “snippet” of the comprehensive course, although you do have a free trial lesson of the A1 course available here, as a sample of the A1-course.

free trial lesson


  • The mini-course for English-speaking beginners works as an introduction to the comprehensive course, but the content is not the same in both courses.
  • When you purchase the comprehensive course, you will have access to content that is NOT included in the free mini-course, apart from the fact that with the A1 course you will be able to participate in the webinars to ask course-related questions.

Obviously, some didactic content – such as pronunciation – are so elementary that they must be addressed in both courses for beginners. However, in the comprehensive course you will find more in-depth explanations, additional examples, and exercises.

  • You, as a student, are in control. You learn with full autonomy and freedom, you choose how you want to work with this information and how much time you want to invest in your classes.
    • However, even if you already know a little about the lesson’s topic, it is advisable to at least watch the video because you will find valuable information in the course that will improve your knowledge of the Spanish language.

Free Mini-Course

In short: everything you learn in the mini-course is useful and will help you to get an idea of how ​​the Spanish language works.

  • However, if you really want to be able to communicate in Spanish in a simple but effective way, it is advisable to take the extensive A1-course.
    • This course will provide you with a great variety of stimuli and a very solid knowledge base that is required if you plan to achieve fluency in the new language.

It is worth remembering this: with the discount you get after finishing the mini-course, each lesson of the comprehensive course costs less than 7 euros.

Free Mini-Course

Compare this price with the cost of a 60-minute group class or with a lesson with a tutor and you will see that this high-quality educational service has a great value.

Keep in mind that many language schools and tutors do not include the tailor-made material or the course certificate in their prices.

Most schools will not offer you free samples of their teaching system like the ones you have here (trial lesson, blog, mini-course).

All the free material that you will find on this website and on the other platforms where you will find content published by Discens Language Learning® will boost your Spanish skills. You can be sure of that!

However, you will need to take a course if you want to learn the language progressively, in a step-by-step sequence carefully planned to meet the didactic needs of beginners who decided to learn on their own. This is what we offer you with this online self-study course for beginners.

In addition, in the comprehensive A1-course you have the course completion certificate and the webinars. These online sessions will feel like a tutorial class to clarify your questions.

No, not at all! You can see it for yourself by enrolling in the free mini-course, no strings attached.

The feeling of isolation, boredom and disorientation is very common among students who want to learn a language using only an app on their mobile phone. I hope this is not your case.

The fact is that there are many Internet groups and forums full of language learners who are frustrated with apps. Students who use apps ask the community for help because the app’s explanations are not clear or sufficient, and sometimes end up generating more doubts than certainties in students, especially if have just started learning the new language.

  • Apps are a learning aid. They help you memorize vocabulary, for example, but they do not offer much diversity of stimuli.
  • Apps entertain, even get you hooked up, but you cannot depend exclusively on them to learn if your goal is to speak the language in real-life situations, with actual people, and so on.

The self-study Spanish courses offered here are not an app, although they do share some of the advantages of apps, because courses and apps are flexible ways to learn a language online.

In the apps you do not have the diversity of learning input. In our courses, on the other side, you have videos, audios, PDFs with many kinds of exercises, flashcards, and quizzes.

Furthermore, in the apps you do not have the support and incentive of a teacher with an extensive academic background and years of teaching experience to guide you through the learning process with reasoned explanations and plenty of examples… A proficient teacher who skillfully answers your questions even before you ask them yourself!

Another frequent comment from students is, since these language learning apps are like video games, students have fun and level up. However, after weeks and months of using the app, they are still unable to maintain real-life conversations with native speakers. In other words, with apps there is a gap between theory and practice.

  • That problem will NOT happen to you in the online course. In our Spanish course you will NOT learn single phrases here and there, randomly. With the course, you will understand the structures of the language and the most relevant vocabulary, with the purpose of using these tools skillfully and with self-confidence. All the content you learn and exercise during the course can be put into practice immediately.

As you will be accompanied by your teacher in the course videos, you will not feel alone in your learning process.

In addition, you have the webinars, which will give you the feeling of participating in a live class. It is a hybrid form of study that delivers excellent results.

And if you want to have someone with whom to practice conversation on a regular basis, on the internet you can find natives interested in language exchange. You can have one Spanish/English exchange partner or several language buddies, to chat online or IRL, while having a cup of coffee.

Something to consider: a native speaker who is not trained as a language teacher and who has no teaching experience may not be able to teach you that language in a methodical, coherent, didactic way. Speaking a language is not the same as being qualified to teach it!

  • However, doing an exchange with a native as an extra learning activity is a free, social and entertaining way to put into practice what you learn in the lessons.

In this guide, you will find more tips: how to take better advantage of self-study courses, how to put what you learn in them into practice and how to find a language exchange partner online and for free. ****

If you want, you can also learn Spanish with customized one-to-one lessons via Zoom® (all levels).

  • These individual classes can be an addition to your self-study course. You can book them to consolidate and expand your knowledge and to practice conversation, for example.

Do you have remaining questions? On the trial lesson you have more information. You can also check out the course FAQ, the privacy policy or reach out using the contact form.
Take the leap! Learning a new language is easier than you think and will change your life in the best possible way.
The material presented is the result of more than twelve years of exclusive dedication to language teaching and is protected by copyright.
Images obtained via Canva®.
©2021 Alicia Montero Schiemann
All rights reserved.
Discens Language Learning®
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The Course Curriculam

Online Self-Study Spanish Course for English Speakers (A1)

  • Lesson 1 – 🇪🇸 SPANISH TRIAL LESSON. Lección 1. Saludamos.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 2. Las palabras y la pronunciación.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 3. La acentuación.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 4. Nos presentamos.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 5. El alfabeto, los números y la comunicación.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 6. Los substantivos y los artículos.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 7. Los primeros verbos.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 8. Los verbos en -AR.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 9. SER y ESTAR.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 10. La negación, la oración y los interrogativos.
  • Quiz
  • Lección 11. Las preposiciones.
  • Quiz-11
  • Lección 12. Los verbos en -ER y en -IR.
  • Quiz- 12
  • Lección 13. Los primeros verbos irregulares.
  • Quiz-13
  • Lección 14. El futuro.
  • Quiz-14
  • Lección 15. Ofrecer información personal y concertar una cita.
  • Quiz-15
  • Lección 16. Trabajo y profesión.
  • Quiz-16
  • Lección 17. El tiempo libre, los gustos y las preferencias.
  • Quiz-17
  • Lección 18. La familia, las relaciones y los posesivos.
  • Quiz-18
  • Lección 19. Los adjetivos.
  • Quiz-19
  • Lección 20. La descripción de las personas.
  • Quiz-20
  • Lección 21. Más números y expresiones de tiempo.
  • Quiz-21
  • Lección 22. La alimentación.
  • Quiz-22
  • Lección 23. Comprar en el mercado.
  • Quiz-23
  • Lección 24. Pedir en el restaurante.
  • Quiz-24
  • Lección 25. Los pronombres de objeto directo.
  • Quiz-25
  • Lección 26. Ir de compras.
  • Quiz-26
  • Lección 27. La ciudad y los transportes.
  • Quiz-27
  • Lección 28. La localización.
  • Quiz-28
  • Lección 29. Indicar el camino.
  • Quiz-29
  • Lección 30. Viajar: vocabulario.
  • Quiz-30
  • Lección 31. Organizar un viaje.
  • Quiz-31
  • Lección 32. Los verbos irregulares en presente.
  • Quiz-32
  • Lección 33. El pretérito perfecto.
  • Quiz – 33
  • Lección 34. Los demostrativos y los relativos.
  • Quiz-34
  • Lección 35. Los verbos reflexivos.
  • Quiz-35
  • Lección 36. El día a día.
  • Quiz-36
  • Lección 37. El gerundio.
  • Quiz 37
  • Lección 38. El clima y la ropa.
  • Quiz 38
  • Lección 39. El cuerpo humano y la salud.
  • Quiz-39
  • Lección 40. La vivienda.
  • Quiz 40
  • Lección 41. Hablar por teléfono y escribir emails.
  • Quiz-41
  • Lección 42. El pretérito indefinido regular e irregular.
  • Quiz -42
  • Lección final. Resumen de gramática y cuestionario final.
  • Quiz-43
  • Zoom classes


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